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Our Shop and Equipment

Accutech utilizes an array of high precision machinery capable of meeting your unique and complex demands.

Featured Machines

  • Makino D200z 5 axis milling center
  • Makino F5 4 axis milling center
  • Makino U3i Wire EDM
  • Zeiss CMM


  • Mori Seiki 4 axis milling center
  • Doosan CNC vertical milling centers
  • Doosan CNC lathes
  • CNC and Manual surface and cylindrical grinders

Accutech also has a fully operational manual shop for simple jobs and quick repairs.



The shop at Accutech is temperature controlled to ensure consistency in the processes and sizes.

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Grinding
  • Wire EDM
  • Metrology
  • Heat Treatment


The U3i Wire Electrical Discharge (Wire EDM) machine is a high-accuracy variant of Makino’s versatile U-Series precision Wire EDM product line. The U3i machine combines all the productive features found in the U3 and U3 H.E.A.T. models and adds some new design elements that further enhance machine accuracy and capability. The U3i is ideal for high precision applications, as the machine is designed and constructed to stricter tolerances. Machine construction enhancements are decisively engineered to deliver a higher level of thermal stability, which directly translates to greater precision and repeatability over long periods of operation.

Like other Makino Wire EDM’s, the U3i design integrates the di-electric reservoir into the base casting of the machine, and this benefits in a smaller machine footprint with greater temperature stability of the entire machine structure. To attain heightened precision, the U3i comes equipped with a high accuracy water chilling unit that maintains the water temperature to an ultra-precise +/-0.1°C (+/-0.2°F). Chilled di-electric fluid is circulated through internal radiators that create a stable and consistent air temperature inside the machine’s sheet metal covers and also on the work tank seal plate to complete the high accuracy active thermal stabilization system.

The U3i builds on the machining performance of Makino’s U-Series platform and combines the best of high speed, high precision, and fine surface finish machining capabilities down to 0.080µmRa (4µinRa). The machine is equipped with an expanded capacity 4-Filter Filtration System that extends the life of the filters while helping to reduce operating costs, and this system also includes a built-in filter air purge function for quick and safe filter replacement. The machine also features Makino’s dual digitally controlled high pressure flush pumps that provide independent dedicated flushing to the Upper and Lower machine heads. This advanced high-pressure flushing configuration is integrated into the adaptive control technologies, providing the machine with more intelligence to dynamically adapt to changes in flushing during machining to achieve the fastest and most productive speeds. The U3i also contains Makino’s H.E.A.T. (High Energy Applied Technology) technology, which enables high speed machining capabilities of poor and difficult flushing applications, and helps to reduce rough cut cycle time by up to 50% over traditional single pump flushing systems.

The U3i machine includes Makino’s latest developments and comes standard with the HyperDrive Extreme wire path system. This new Extreme Wire EDM system provides increased precision over wire tension, which helps improve part straightness and accuracy of small geometric details. The HyperDrive Extreme features Makino’s unique Tool-less Energizer Indexing system that greatly simplifies machine maintenance, and the wire guides can be exchanged without the need for time consuming wire alignment calibration procedures. The HyperDrive Extreme system further enhances wire threading capabilities by offering programmable control of both traditional water column jet threading and jet-less threading, which allows the machine to reliably auto-thread very small start holes and even rethread the wire at the break point during unattended operation.

The U3i machine comes generously equipped and ready to run, and this includes many items that most competitors charge as an Option or don’t offer at all. The machine is standard with a Chiller Unit, an LED Work Light, and Makino’s unique active Pro-Tech Circuit that “protects the work piece” by preventing and minimizing oxidation (rust) from occurring on the work piece while submerged in water for long periods of time. The results of the Pro-Tech Circuit greatly reduce or eliminate the need for chemical or mechanical cleaning of the finished work piece, and this part quality and time-savings benefit is accomplished without the need for harmful and expensive chemicals. The machine comes equipped with its own transformer and power line filter that provide stable and consistent power for reliable operation, and also contains consumable items such as (x2) spools of wire and (x2) quick-change de-ionization resin bottles. Installation is included with each machine, and this includes as access to Makino’s 24/7 Technical Support and Customer Portal (

The U3i is standard with 0.250mm (0.010”) wire guides but can operate with optional wire sizes up to 0.300mm (0.012”) or down to 0.050mm (0.002”) in diameter. The machine includes a full machining condition database library of all wire diameter sizes and multiple material types (Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Aluminum, Copper, Graphite, PCD, Titanium), and every condition has been developed to provide an optimum mix of speed, precision, and low wire consumption. The U3i utilizes Makino’s exclusive Hyper-i control for EDM, which establishes a universal and streamlined intuitive smart-devise interface for all Makino EDM machines (Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, and EDM Drilling machines all use the same control). The Hyper-i control features dual 24” wide HD touch screens that provide the operator with an expansive and customizable view over machine operation. The Hyper-i system is designed to support the needs of both novice and expert operators, and includes features like the advanced E-Tech Doctor help function, integrated machine manuals and videos, and an on-board training tutorial system that an operator can access at any time.

  • .010 Brass wire works underwater to precisely electrically erode material

Quality assurance is demanding and CMM requirements are high – especially in the production environment. ZEISS DuraMax combines robustness, precision and efficiency, making it the perfect choice for at-line measurement directly in your production hall. ZEISS DuraMax is not deterred by harsh environmental conditions and withstands even high temperatures. In conjunction with the ZEIS VAST XXT-Sensor it enables fast single-point measurements as well as scanning of contours and free-form surfaces, making fixed gauges superfluous.

ZEISS DuraMax HTG offers the widest temperature range with the highest temperature gradient and can be operated both at the production site and in automation systems. This provides more flexibility as you can perform your measurement tasks with even more resistance to environmental influences.


  • Precise measurement at high temperatures
  • Zerodur scales for smallest possible heat expansion
  • Temperature sensors for workpiece temperature correction
  • Additional filter pads in the X- and Y-axis to protect against dirt and dust


No Compromises when it Comes to Accuracy

Despite its small size, ZEISS MICURA makes no compromises when it comes to accuracy. ZEISS MICURA comes standard with the VAST XT gold scanning sensor from ZEISS and navigator technology.

ZEISS MICURA is the solution for new demands in industrial production where parts are becoming increasingly compact and accuracy requirements are rising.


  • Computer-Aided Accuracy: Measuring errors due to dynamically induced inertia effects are automatically compensated for
  • ZEISS air bearings on four sides guarantee stability and precision
  • ZEISS MICURA also comes with two temperature sensor for the workpiece
  • The probing force of the sensor is actively regulated and is very low – ideal for sensitive materials
  • Optimally coordinated control technology, software, sensors and additional components from ZEISS
  • Active vibration dampers as standard for opimal filtering of floor vibrations.

Small and precise

Equipped with the VAST XT gold high-end sensor from ZEISS and navigator technology, ZEISS MICURA offers active scanning with measuring accuracy of less than one micrometer. ZEISS MICURA flexes its muscles with small, complex parts featuring narrow tolerances such as those used in optics, medical industry and electronics. Despite its compact dimensions, the device achieves a measuring volume of 500 x 700 x 600 mm – which is significantly more than comparable devices.

Precise high-speed scanning

The VAST XT gold sensor from ZEISS enables high-speed scanning featuring up to 500 measuring points per second. As a result, form and location parameters such as roundness and flatness can be precisely captured, in addition to geometric features, in a short time. The sensor can be equipped with extremely small stylus tips. The smallest stylus has a diameter of just 0.3 millimeters.


GibbsCAM is a cutting-edge CAM system for programming CNC machine tools. GibbsCAM has the power and flexibility to let you make parts the way you want. With its shop-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, you’ll maximize productivity.

Whether CNC programmer, machinist or manufacturing engineer, the user will find familiar terminology. Icons will make sense. Processes will be logical. With GibbsCAM, CNC programming is flexible, fast, reliable, and efficient.

SolidWorks is a solid modeler, and utilizes a parametric feature-based approach which was initially developed by PT.

Unprecedented Rigidity and Accuracy – Ultimate Hybrid Structure

  • Super-wide slideways (X- / Y-axis) to minimize quadrant projection
  • High-rigidity roller guides (Z-axis)
  • Optimized column shape substantially reduces thermal displacement

Best Chip Disposal Solution in the Industry

  • Coolant tank for collecting casting sludge (option)
  • Through-spindle coolant system (unit on coolant tank)
  • Chip conveyor (internal, spiral type)

Pursuit of Usability

  • Accessibility – excellent access to the table and a wide door opening
  • Loading and unloading with a crane – the ceiling part also opens
  • Replacement of spindle unit – the spindle unit to a cartridge which even includes the rear bearings,
  • Outstanding Machining Capability Unmatched High-performance Spindle

World’s Best Spindle Technology

  • No. 40 taper spindle achieves overwhelming high-speed machining (speedMASTER)
  • Stable high-accuracy machining made possible by drastically improved spindle run-out accuracy (speedMASTER)
  • No. 50 taper spindle achieves overwhelming heavy-duty cutting (powerMASTER)
    Thermal expansion compensation by Spindle Growth Sensor (powerMASTER)

The F5 vertical machining center is designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting, agility expected from a hard milling machine and accuracies for tight-tolerance blends and matches typical of complex, 3-D contoured geometry associated with die/mold and medical production.

Technical Specifications

The machine design begins with a unique axis configuration—featuring no overhangs—and incorporates large castings that provide a robust cutting platform. It then integrates 8mm-fine pitch ballscrews as standard equipment, enabling the F5 machine to provide superior precision. Together these features reduce variability for hours of continuous, tight tolerance machining. The F5 offers positioning accuracies to within ±0.0015mm (±0.000060 inch) and repeatability of ±0.001mm (±0.000040 inch).

Included in the standard configuration of the F5 machine is a highly productive 20,000-rpm, HSK-63A spindle, which incorporates Makino’s patented core-cooling, under-race and jacket spindle temperature control system. The two-range spindle supplies unique, wide-range capability with the stiffness and rigidity at lower ranges for roughing operations, and vibration/chatter-free production of small details and fine features when utilizing small tools at high rpm.

The F5 utilizes the Makino Professional 6 control, which affords the perfect blend of a Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system’s graphical user interface (GUI), touch-screen selection offering instant access to information literally at your fingertip, user-friendly, efficient PC-like capability for data management and editing, and the networking and storage capability of a data center.

Also featured in the F5 is Makino’s proprietary, next-generation Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.5) software—developed specifically for high-feedrate, tight-tolerance machining of complex, 3-D contoured shapes involving continuous tiny blocks of NC data—that ensures production rates faster than standard CNC systems while maintaining high accuracy. SGI.5 helps provide the lowest cycle times and costs achievable by reducing machining cycle times on dies, complex cavities and cores, and medical parts by as much as 40 percent when compared to most other control technologies.

The machine delivers positioning accuracies and repeatability in the microns, the spindle ensures capability to address a wide variety of tooling and machining applications, and SGI.5 provides unsurpassed accuracy and speed in tough, challenging, complex geometries. This platform is an ideal choice for shops looking to get top-shelf machining performance and superior machining results at a reasonable investment—a real value proposition.

The new F5 vertical machining center is designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting, agility for high speed/hardmilling and accuracies for tight-tolerance blends and matches typical of complex, 3-D contoured geometry associated with die/mold and medical production.

Standard Features

  • 20,000-rpm, HSK-63A Spindle
  • Scale Feedback for X-, Y- and Z-Axes
  • Thirty (30)-Tool Magazine
  • ATC Shutter
  • Automatic Air Blow
  • Nozzle Coolant
  • Front Coolant Tank
  • Professional 6 Control
  • Super Geometric Intelligence Control (SGI.5)
  • User Memory 2GB + 1GB
  • Program Numbers (1000)
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Centralized Auto Grease
  • Fully Enclosed Splash Guard
  • Portable Manual Pulse Generator
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Programming Data Input (G10)
  • Tool Offset Pairs (400 Total)
  • Tool Offset Memory C
  • Cutter Compensation C

D200Z design incorporates extreme speeds and precision for tighter tolerances and flawless blends and matches in complex 3-D contoured workpieces. From roughing to high-speed finishing of multifaceted, contoured 3-D geometries, the D200Z boosts productivity with the most competitive processing capabilities for complex dies and molds typically found in the automotive, injection molding, and packaging, medical and optical markets. The speed and precision of the D200Z supply a unique foundation for responsive high-speed cutting and outstanding surface finishes that reduce or eliminate handwork. Its 30,000-rpm spindle and integral direct-drive table provide quick, precise, full 5-axis machining. All of this capability is tied together with Makino’s proprietary SGI.5 motion control software for the highest degree of accuracy and quality in the blends and matches of intricate surfaces and 3-D accuracy requirements typical of today’s die, mold, medical and intricate-geometry components.

Technical Specifications

The Makino D200Z 5-axis vertical machining center conquers the complexities of multifaceted, contoured 3-D geometries with precision, full 5-axis machining capabilities. Its high-precision, high-speed motion control technologies enable manufacturers to maintain the tightest accuracy and quality requirements even during simultaneous 5-axis motion.

Designed with an integral chuck to maximize work-zone volume and load capacity, the D200Z accommodates workpiece sizes up to 300mm in diameter and 210mm tall with weight up to 75 kg. The X, Y and Z axes (350mm, 300mm and 250mm travels, respectively) provide swift movement with rapid traverse and cutting feedrates of 60m/min. The D200Z has also adopted a unique, lightweight B-axis tilting structure with 180 degrees (0 to +180) of tilt capability at 100 rpm. Both the B-axis and rotational C-axis (360 degrees continuous at 150 rpm) feature direct-drive motors for agile, accurate, high-speed, responsive angular and rotational operation.

Wide base castings and core-cooled ballscrews serve as a base platform for all other machine components, enhancing overall process stability. The machine’s 30,000-rpm, HSK-E50 spindle is designed with a high-tech spindle core and jacket cooling system to tightly control thermal growth, deflection and vibration during high-speed machining operations. As a result, the D200Z extends tool life and has exceptional surface finishes even in applications requiring fine tool blends and matches.

With flexible tool capacities and automation capabilities, such as the 100-tool-capacity automatic tool changer (ATC) and multiple pallet system, the D200Z can achieve utilization rates of more than 80% for the highest level of throughput and fastest return on investment.

Standard Features:

  • Twenty – One (21) Tool Magazine
  • 30,000 rpm, 2 range, HSK–E50 Spindle
  • Automatic Spindle Lubricant Temperature Controller
  • Tilt-Trunion Table (B & C axes)
  • Integral Erowa Chuck & Pallet
  • Machine temperature control:
  • “Core Cooled” Ballscrews
  • Support bearing & drive motor
  • A & C Axes DD Motors
  • Automatic Lubrication Supply Unit
  • Base Coolant
  • Nozzle Coolant
  • Through Spindle Air
  • Rear Discharge LUCC
  • Splash and Chip Shield
  • Makino Professional 6 Control
  • Makino Proprietary Super Geometric Intelligence SGI.5 Software
  • Laser ATLM
  • AWMS (with center of rotation software)
  • Five Axis Software:
  • TCP – Tool Center Point Control
  • DFO – Rotary Table Dynamic Fixture Offset
  • TWP – Tilted Work Plane Command
  • Three Dimensional Cutter Compensation
  • Inversed Time Function
  • Program Restart
  • 3-Dimensional Manual Feed;
  • Spindle-Table Interference Prevention Function
  • Collision Safeguard
  • Custom Macro (1,100 variables)
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Portable MPG
  • Air Dryer
  • Maintenance Advice System
  • Inch/Metric Selection
  • Worklight
  • Programming Data Input (G10)
  • Spindle Load Display
  • Spindle Load Monitoring
  • Tool Life Management
  • Direct Spare Tool Selection
  • Dual Safety Check
  • Signal Light (3 layer)

The Doosan MV-4020 is part of our Vertical Machining Center.

Technical Specifications

  • 12,000 RPM 40 taper spindle
  • High pressure coolant flush
  • Spindle chiller
  • Chilled ball screws
  • 4th axis controller from fanuc already installed – set up for Tsduakoma rotary table ( not included)
  • Fanuc Data server installed on machine
  • AICC nano option also on machine for 1000 block look ahead.

CNC Lathe has average cutting time and is equipped with a Fanuc Series 21i-TB control.

DNM II series are available with a diversity of spindle specifications to meet various requirements. Roller LM guide enhances rigidity and extends service life. Utmost accuracy is achieved with direct coupled spindle structure and standard thermal displacement error compensation. The operator panel is redesigned to improve operator convenience. The 2-face locking tool system of the BIG Plus Spindle offers longer tool life,higher power and more precise machining by the dualcontact to both of the spindle surface and tool holderflange surface, as well as both the spindle taper and tool holder taper shank.Thermal error is minimized with thermal displacement compensation system. Algorithms are used to calculate Y/Z axis heat displacement caused by specific spindle running conditions of r/min and time.

The PUMA GT series is DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools) Global Turning family of horizontal turning centers. The PUMA GT series is DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools) Global Turning family of horizontal turning centers. These heavy-duty, box guideway machines have an 8” or 10″ chuck and a powerful 15.5 – 18.5kW/4500 rpm or 26kW/3500 rpm spindle depending on the model type. Designed to meet global standards, the GT Series will keep you competitive and productive.